Thoughts on being a Christian woman and wife in this day and age

18 Jan

I’ve been AWOL for a year… shock and horror… but for lack of having anything decent to blog about, I have just kept quiet. Added to which, I have been adjusting to life as a wife and having a new job!! All quite challenging.

The thing that I have struggled the most with in the last year, is being a godly wife and being the modest feminine woman that the Lord created me to be. This is partially due to outside influences such as my job and then also influenced by the fact that as a sinner my whole being rebels against the thought of submitting to my husband. This has been my struggle. But today I have found some other blogs that have showed me yet again that I am not alone… there are many other Christian women out there with a passion for doing what the Lord wants, but who struggle with similar issues. I have resolved to try to dress more modestly, keeping in mind that must be attractive to my husband only, not to every man out there, and also obviously not look like a “klooster koek”. 

I have also been reminded that the Lord has a plan for my life and my family, and sometimes his plans are not what I had in mind. Sometimes even my husband has plans that were not mine, but as he is my love, my leader, I will support his decisions and love him for them. I trust him to follow our Lord, and I know that the both have our best interests at heart. What a blessing to know that I am cherished by such wonderful man and an even more awesome God!

I will try to blog more often, though I’m sure I will have many more challenges, but maybe sharing them will make it easier?

My Petunias

My Petunias


One Response to “Thoughts on being a Christian woman and wife in this day and age”

  1. Chris January 26, 2009 at 10:29 #

    Does that sign say…raspberries? 😀

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