Simple Living

24 Jan

1106184_carrotsI’ve been reading a million blogs the last two weeks, and most have two central themes… 1: Godly womanhood and 2: Frugal and simple living.

This has made me think alot about how we live in South Africa, and esspecially how I live. Consumerism is a huge thing, and its so easy to just buy stuff at random and not bother with thinking whether its a waste of money or not. I have been challenged to reassess my life, and think about being more frugal and godly. Things like growing my own veggies and herbs as opposed to having to buy mass produced nonsense, and saving energy etc. These are all things that could make it easier to be “green” and godly. Because I doubt the Lord intended for us to just live paycheck to paycheck and eat plastic food. Nutrition is seriously lacking the the meals today… and I aim to stop feeding my family bad food.

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