Trusting God

13 Feb

waterhouse_my_sweet_roseSince starting this blog, I have been thinking alot about what exactly I would like to tell the world. I have realised that one of the reasons I started this blog is because God is good. Now that may seem like an arb reason for blogging, so let me explain. 

I spent 22 years of my life as the daughter of a Christian family, of those, only 8 were as a Christian in my own right, and one year as the wife of a Christian man. In this time, I was very much quiet about my faith, and tried not to step on anyone’s toes, as many of my friends are not saved. However, in the last few months, the Lord has made it abundantly clear to me that the Gospel does offend people, and that its good. This has made me realise that even though people don’t want to hear what the Lord has to say, I have an obligation to tell the world.

My main convictions have been in the lines of Simple Living and Modesty. Simple Living is a very hard thing to do in this day and age, as we are conditioned to want everything that comes on the market, and to eat junk food all the time. This is not how the Lord intended for us to live, I think  the idea behind His wonderful creation is that we live from the eart, and get nourishment from God-made products not “plastic” food. 

As for Modesty… well this is probably the most controversial topic EVER!! Fashion is fickle, and it changes so often, and gets more and more racy as the years go by. No one said we need to dress like frumpy old ladies, btu when did midriff baring, bum showing, cleavage baring outfits become acceptable for daughters of the King of Glory??

I have been known to wear some scarily provocatively clothing, and recently the Lord has rapped me across the knuckles about this. I have realised that in order to glorify Him I need to reassess my clothing. The one problem has been the fact that in Cape Town its REALLY hot… so finding comfortable and modest clothes is a challenge. But its do-able. I will go into more details of whats good and whats not, at a later stage.

One very interesting point that my husband made, is that he loves my figure, and if I dress so modest, whats the benefit to him? I have researched to see what other women say and the majority vote is that when at home and around hubby, its good to bless him by wearing what he likes. But when at church and in the world, our light is to shine for the King, and we have to dress appropriately. This sadi, my husband has pointed out that not all modest outfits are unappealing for him. I think my main focus is that young women who aren’t yet married, realise that they need to put God first and that guys struggle very much to be godly when girls dress in an inappropriate manner.


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