Should we have children or are we killing the planet?

21 Feb

I was reading a blog by a very inspiring home maker, Stephanie from Keeper of the Home. She had read this article and was as shocked as I am to see that people actually believe that having kids is a selfish thing to do and that it is bad for the planet!!

Recently, I read the book Married for God by Christopher Ash, and he actually spends a whole chapter on whether we should have kids or not. He point out that children are a blessing, not a curse and that God blessed us by saying in Genesis 1:28: “be fruitful and multiply”. This said, it is also vital that we raise our children to love, honour and serve Him.

Christopher Ash says: “The Bible’s perspective is that we ought to want children in marriage because we want to serve God. The blessing of children is an important practical way in which a married couple can serve God in their marriage. Fundamentally we are to desire children neither because we find them adorable (if we do), nor because others expect us to have children (if they do), but because we understand that this is how God populates his ‘garden’ with ‘gardeners’ to care for it.”


Is this not the greatest blessing and honour that the Creator of the World would entrust His gifts to us, to raise in His way, to be more like Him and to serve His kingdom?

It is important to raise your children to respect the earth and to live as simply as possible. If we see to it that we raise our kids in the footsteps of the Father, how then can it be bad for the earth? On the contrary, won’t the world benefit from more godly, environmentally conscious people?


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