Top 10 Skincare Tips

23 Feb

1. Drink LOADS of water – ideally 2 litres, and the best is room temperature. Cold water actually encourages cellulite.
2. Keep your skin clean and moisturised – use a cleanser and moisturizer suited for your skin type, as using the wrong kind can ruin your skin. Sensitive skin (if you look in the mirror and your pores are tiny/not visible) needs a very gentle cleanser/cleansing milk that doesn’t dry it out. Oily skin (large, visible pores) needs something that cleans a bit deeper, but not too abrasive or too strong, as the more you try to dry out the oil, the more your skin produces sebum. Normal skin (mixture of the two) is fairly uncomplicated and most products are suited for this skin type. All skin types need to use a sunscreen of at least 15SPF daily, to protect the skin from UV damage.
3. Spritz your face with water to lock in moisture – if you want, rose water is lovely for this, as it smells divine and helps your skin to stay moist for longer.
4. Scrub your face once a month – don’t use brushes or scrubbing pads as they are too abrasive and will hurt your skin. Rather use a home made scrub as its gentler on your skin and barely costs a cent. Some ideas are: Grapefruit juice and oats mixed to form a paste. Or add some sugar to your cleanser (in your palm) and massage on your skin.
5. Get enough sleep – if you don’t sleep enough its shows on your skin, which becomes dull and your eyes get baggy… not a good look. When you sleep keratin and collagen production is increased and your skin is restored overnight.
6. Detox – drink some fresh lemon juice mixed with cooled boiled water first thing in the morning to flush out the toxins from your skin.
7. Exercise – your circulation is boosted when you exercise which helps to make your skin glow. Its unclogs your pores, and improves the texture of your skin. Its also good for your mood, and being happy makes you look great 
8. Steam your face – a gentle steam once in a while helps unclog your pores. Adding some oils to the water helps soothe your skin. For oily skin, try lemon oil, for dry/sensitive skin try chamomile and mandarin oil is for normal skin. Put moisturizer on around your eyes before you steam, to protect the thin skin. Hold a towel over your head to get the maximum effect of the steam. Apply a skin mask after you’ve steamed to clear out the pores.
9. Face masks – Home made masks are great as they are affordable and “green”. Use any of the following, and keep on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse off with water: Plain yogurt – works as a natural exfoliant due to the lactic acid. Mashed avo or mayonnaise rubbed into skin is a wonderful moisturizing mask (mayo works wonders as a deep conditioner for hair too). Egg white mixed with strawberries is great for oily skin, as it absorbs the oil.
10. Eat healthy – eaten the correct food makes a huge difference to your skin. Refrain from eating foods with refined sugars in as this is unhealthy for your system. Rather eat fresh fruit and vegetables, whole wheat/fibre rich grains, grilled chicken and fish, and yogurt.


2 Responses to “Top 10 Skincare Tips”

  1. Bella February 24, 2009 at 05:06 #

    I love this post! The tips are great!! And i love that you promote a healthy lifestyle as oppose to covering up the problem with some sort of make up or crazy product!!! Thank you for the advice!

  2. lizpitt February 24, 2009 at 07:08 #

    Its a pleasure, Bella… Thanks for the comment. Keep watching this space, as I intend to blog some more about natural beauty etc.

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