My Favourite Place

24 Feb

An essay I wrote a few years back…

It’s a late summer afternoon; I’m walking on a stretch of pearly sand to my favourite place to spend some time alone with my thoughts. Straight ahead I can see the rugged shapes of giant boulders. While walking towards them, the silky soft sand massages my feet, while the breeze caresses my raven hair. I ascend up the rough side of the rock as the sun melts into the sea in a myriad of different colours. Its light dances on the transparent water like tiny nymphs, teasing you and inviting you to join them.

The glimmer of sun just peeks and is then slowly swallowed by the watery mass. The sky is a vast canvas of colour, as if an artist poured his whole palette on the blue backdrop. Then the colours fade and are replaced by a clear black sky, and slowly the stars appear one by one.

In the silver moonlight I see the dolphins playing like small children in the depths of the great ocean. Free from the pressures of the outside world, splashing away, laughing with no cares at all. Away from it all, I can have a taste of that freedom, standing on the rock secure and safe, not yet worrying about what tomorrow may hold, because I know that Someone else is already there.

The stars sparkle like a million tiny lights sown by the great Sower across the vast black velvet sky. I feel an intense peace come over me, it’s like my heart is on fire and I feel totally free. Here by the water, as if part of a masterpiece, I can sense the Artist. He’s holding me safe like a child in her Father’s arms.

Surrounded by His glory, love and power, I hear His voice in the gentle evening breeze, a quiet whisper of hope, urging me to go on. Telling me to see the beauty to look at what my Master has made…

I look again, this time I see with unveiled eyes, and He speaks to me through His creation. I see the stars like lights of hope, shining the way ahead in a dark, broken world. The serene waves washing away the footprints in the sand, like Someone washing away the past so that it can be forgotten, like a clean slate. The playful dolphins are the way the people should be, not caring what tomorrow may bring but living each day at a time, enjoying the freedom God’s given us and focusing our eyes on Him.
The immeasurable grains of sand, like the awesomeness of His love, so simple yet beyond human comprehension. The Rock is strong, steadfast, and secure; it never changes, it’s forever the same.

As I smile a peaceful smile, content in the knowledge that the Rock I stand on is eternal and that the storms of this world will wear at me, but I can always turn to Him and He will be my shelter.

Walking back I see the stars lined up like pebbles, showing me the way home…


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