2 Mar

I just watched the movie “Evening”, with Claire Danes, Vanessa Redgrave, Hugh Dancy etc. Great movie, and yet incredibly sad… But it reminded me of how short life is, and how one day we could look back at our lives and regret not having lived it to the fullest.

I look at my own grandmother, and I see a frail old lady, who many view as being senile. Its been my project to sort through our family photos and scan them in, so that the memories can be treasured. Amongst these, I have found photos of a vibrant young woman who seemed to have a lust for life… she is my grandmother… back in the 1930’s. Why should age take so much from us? Why can we not live our lives and remember the ultimate goal, of eternal life with God? But our bodies fail and our minds do too… It so sad to think that some people have so much regret in their lives, whether it is the fact that they chose the wrong career, or lost the one they love, or didn’t have time for their children or even worse, didn’t have time for the Lord. Shouldn’t we not strive to be all the Lord intended us to be, and remember that regardless of the length of this life, it will echo in eternity? Should we not make use of all the talents He has blessed us with and not be stuck in dead-end jobs where we’re unhappy or don’t have time for family?

This movie has made me realise that there isn’t enough time to be afraid, or to wait for something to happen, we need to trust the Lord and follow His plans for our lives… even if it seems a greater risk than our own plans.


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