The Simple Woman’s Daybook

11 Apr


April 11 2009

Outside my window: I can see the sunrise, and hear the roosters crowing… its truly beautiful on the farm.

I am thinking: How blessed we are to live so close to nature, and how its a reminder of our amazing Creator – who on this weekend sent His Only Son to die on the cross as a sinner to save us.

I am thankful for: My Saviour who dies on the cross so that I may have life.

From the kitchen: I plan to make some choc chip cookies today – just need to find my recipe books….

I am wearing: Long denim skirt with a turquoise jersey (or I plan to wear that – when I have changed from pj’s)

I am creating: Helping my mom in law make/package soap for the shop… can’t wait to get my craft things out 🙂

I am reading: Set Apart femininity – Leslie Ludy

I am hoping: God will bless my marriage, and my husband.

I am hearing: The chickens and the cockatiels chirping.

Around the house: Laundry is waiting to be folded and boxes needing to be unpacked as soon as the building is totally finished.

One of my favorite things: A chocolate marshmallow easter egg… frozen 🙂

A few plans for the week: Relaxing and sorting out the house, in the next 3 days… then back to work…

A picture thought I am sharing:

Sunset from the venue of my friend's wedding.

Sunset from the venue of my friend's wedding.


2 Responses to “The Simple Woman’s Daybook”

  1. Deborah May 24, 2009 at 20:54 #


    • lizpitt May 24, 2009 at 22:15 #

      Thanks Deborah 🙂 We have the most beautiful sunsets in the world in Cape Town. The Lord is awesome!

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