Thought for today

17 Apr

“Jesus never came and said, ‘I love you.’ He didn’t say it – He showed it. He didn’t just bless us – He died for us. He wept for us. He gave up His life for you, and now He is asking you to share everything He has given you with others.”

Jackie Pullenger

How many of us truly reach out the hands of Jesus to the lost, the poor, the lonely, the destitute? I would be lying if I said I did… Its easier for me to just walk past and ignore these people. Or to think that I’m better than them… But didn’t our Lord die for ALL? Who are we to decide who deserves His love and blessing? Should we not be following His great commission to us? GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS! Our Saviour died for everyone, He is no respecter of persons… He doesn’t care about race, sex or education, He wants us all. We need to extend His hands of forgiveness, and love to others. This is why He died.

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