Essential Make Up Items

2 May


I’ve been asked more times than I can count, what are the essential make up items that one needs. So here are my top 5:

* Concealer – for disguising blemishes, dark circles, basically anything you want to keep hidden. I love MAC for concealer, as sadly my old favourite PMU has been discontinued.

* Blush or bronzer – to bring a bit of color to your cheeks. Avon has fabulous bronzing pearls, which last for ever, and is just the perfect shade for anyone. I also love a creamy blush just dabbed and blended on the apples.

* Tweezers – VITAL! For well groomed eyebrows. I use an angled tweezer by Red, available from Clicks.

* Mascara – To bring out your eyes and lengthen lashes. I’m currently using Avon’s Astonishing Length’s in Black, but I also love MAC’s Zoom Lash in Black.

* Perfume – a signature scent is a must. Or play around with a few, but don’t go without. I have a few scents as my mood changes what fragrance I feel like. But my favourites are:
– Bobbi Brown Beach for happy summer feelings.
– Alien by Thierry Muigler for warm winter feelings.
– CK be for just everyday wearing.

Those are what I feel are essentials, but obviously its very basic. Everything else has its place, so its really up to you. But these are items I can’t live without.


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