Lovingly demanding Feminine Modesty

7 May

As you well know by now, I am quite passionate about modest dress and being feminine. This mindset has only developed, as the Lord has worked in my life over the last few years. I used to be a tomboy, wearing jeans and baggy tops with sneakers and a ponytail. Femininity was uncool and I thought being a girl was the worst thing to happen to me.

For many years I hated my body, and just being a girl. I had mostly male friends, and could not relate to girls at all. This became an issue when I discovered that boys were fun to date, not just be friends with. My whole outlook on relationships was distorted as I had no clue who I was and what my role was in God’s plan. I went from relationship to failed relationship, to more messy relationships… Always wondering what was wrong with me that I just could keep guys interested.

Then one day I met a guy who basically told me what my problem was when I’d only known him a few days. He said, you need a man who will treat you right, like a princess. Now for a tomboy, thats a confusing pill to swallow… I didn’t want to be a princess, that was too girly and icky. But the Lord’s will prevailed, and this man captured my heart, by treating me like a princess- albeit against my will 🙂

He was chivalrous, romantic, strong, masculine enough to encourage the slightest femininity in me. He taught me that guys love girls who wear dresses, and who make an effort to look pretty. He taught me that women are supposed to be soft, and that men feel strong when woman need them. He’s a godly leader and very special man… And I’m glad that after almost 5 years of knowing each other and a year and a half of marriage, we’re still very much in love.

To get back to my original point, femininity and modesty are things many of us deny ourselves because we dislike our bodies, or we have a problem with the fact that we’re female. But God has such an amazing role prepared just for you, as a woman, whether it is as a single girl or a married mom of 6 🙂 He has plans to make you prosper. The role He designed for women cannot be fulfilled by man, so it is vital that you embrace your feminine role in the Father’s plan. Whether that entails marriage and motherhood or serving Him in the mission field, we have to follow His guidance. The role of a woman, is one of feminine strength, quiet spirit, gentle words and submissive help meet. Our dress has alot to do with this, if we dress in a masculine fashion, we won’t feel pretty and feminine, and therefore we won’t reflect that femininity. As Kristen from The Faithful Fashionista says in this post on her blog, we need to dress pretty in order to feel pretty and in turn, the men in our lives will treat us as women, not ‘one of the guys’.

Tomorrow, I will continue along this thought… and begin explain why we need to dress feminine and modestly.


5 Responses to “Lovingly demanding Feminine Modesty”

  1. Kristin May 7, 2009 at 14:43 #

    I can totally relate! It’s definitely hard maturing into feminine beauty when you’ve grown up as one-of-the-guys. I was a total tomboy, too. How wonderful for you that your husband came along and helped you discover how truly beautiful you are. 🙂

    • lizpitt May 7, 2009 at 14:46 #

      It is totally wonderful 🙂 I’m very glad to have met him, and very blessed that he married me.

  2. modestyandpower September 21, 2010 at 15:08 #

    I have to say that I am still a tomboy, and I don’t see it as rejecting my womanhood. There is nothing that inherently makes women like lace – It’s true that our gender is not SOLELY socially constructed and there are inborn elements, but it is our culture that teaches us to associate lace and flowers with femininity. Although I dress modestly, I don’t own a single item of clothing with lace or sparkles or frills. That doesn’t mean I don’t love being a woman. However, i do know other women who were tomboys because they were afraid of being grown women… so I think your post does resonate with that experience.

    T @ Empowered Modesty

    • Lizanne September 21, 2010 at 15:32 #

      Femininity has nothing to do with lace, sparkles and frills… Skirts, dresses, and pretty tops yes. I dislike florals, sparkles, frills. But still dressing like a girl, ie. not in baggy tops and trackpants is feminine. I agree that culture dictates what is girly, but some things are just more attractive to guys – no guy wants to date a girl who dresses the same as a guy. There are certain things that are just more specifically feminine than others. There’s nothing wrong with being a tomboy, provided that the specific “roles” for women aren’t forgotten.


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