Lovingly demanding Feminine Modesty Part 2

8 May

636896_37790447I started talking about feminine modesty yesterday, and I said I would explain why it is necessary to be modest and feminine. So, here is the first reason…

Its a universal problem that young women, being influenced by the media, think they need to look sexy to get attention… So wearing low cut tops is normal, and expecting attention for the amount of cleavage shown is a given. Why then is it surprising when men look at us like we’re a nice rump steak, and drool at the sight of us? Why is it surprising that they look at us, and do not see intelligent people but cleavage on legs? Its not surprising because its what we are inviting with our dress!

Godly men are attracted to women who are capable of capturing their hearts and minds, not causing them to stumble with lust. They are attracted to women who would be helpers and companions for them for many years, even after their looks have failed. If you have any respect for your brothers in Christ, you will consider this:

Your immodest, revealing dress causes your brother in Christ to stumble. You are causing him to sin in his mind, by lusting. Some of you may say, but he needs to have self control… That’s not fair, men are visually stimulated, and its not right for us as women to taunt and tease them and cause them to stumble. This may sound like I’m saying men just think of one thing, but I’m not. I am saying that the Lord created them to appreciate beauty and the shape of women… Within the safety of marriage. The only time its ok to dress in a way that is sexy is when its for your husband. So please girls/ladies, I beg you to think of your Christian brothers, and realise the harm you are potentially causing harm to their spiritual lives.

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