Did I marry the Right Man?

13 May

I read this post by Sarah Mae on Like a Warm Cup of Coffee the other day and it made me think… How often do women question whether they married the right man?
My friends used to believe that there is one perfect partner for everyone, like a soul mate. I thought that sounded nice and romantic, but wondered how on earth you will find your soul mate if they maybe live on the opposite side of the world. So I asked some people, like pastors and read some articles… And I decided that there is no one perfect person for everyone, but that we decide who we fall in love with, and its a decision to marry them, and love them forever. Its not a chemical reaction that sizzles in the air when your eyes meet, its an attraction that starts it, but a decision that carries it through. If it was a chemical reaction, and no thought was involved, we would most likely have way less weddings or at least WAY more divorces. In my opinion, the decision to make to marry a guy, is the indication that he is the right one. You decide to make it work for the next 60 years, you can’t go back on that decision by saying that you married the wrong man. The man you married is the right man. You just need to make the decision to love him, daily. The Lord gives grace and strength to those who require it, all we need to do is ask.

Just because he makes you angry sometimes or because you don’t ‘feel in love’ any more, does not mean he is not Mr Right. It means that you need to work harder and maybe get help from a professional counsellor, but NEVER give up.


One Response to “Did I marry the Right Man?”

  1. Moody June 22, 2009 at 18:09 #

    I love this post LIZ, It showes how much we can and do if you have the courge to control our lives and push it forward.
    Marriage in a convenant, not a contract.

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