My Husband Rocks Friday

15 May


The conductor stands at the ready
To bring to life the performance of dreams
The yield of nights in solitude, the days
Written with a heart, ever mortal
And slowly, raises his hands.

Little notes run around big notes
In a symphony of toned emotions
A soliloquy a dreamer’s heart
Building in an instant to the ever present,
The ever growing darkness of recess

All too soon the crescendo gives way
To a stunned, parting silence
A marked farewell of violin and flute
Prelude to the vision of its master
Free of reprise, slave to time.

And yet how beautiful the music –
How the colours remain in my mind
As if to see them no more would be
The undoing of the music itself
The writer’s life unto sorrow.

solace by Christopher Pitt

I wanted to show you today one of my love’s numerous amazing talents. The Lord has blessed him with an awesome grasp of vocabulary and he is an artist with words. He enjoys writing poetry, sometimes inspired by the mundane but mostly he writes about his dreams for the future.

He has written so many stunning poems for me, I’m very blessed. I wish he would try to publish his poems, so the world can see what a brilliant writer he is.

One of the awesome things about his poetry is that its never obvious, you think that the poem means one thing, but in fact it has a hidden meaning which can be uncovered. So who can guess what this poem is about?


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