7 Days in a Dress/Skirt Challenge

23 May

I was sick on Monday – so I stayed in bed in my pj’s… so I am a day behind. (will just carry on for an extra day).

These are just basic representaions of what I wore.

Day 1: Long black skirt with a long strappy top, covered by a black V-neck top. It was cold so I wore my suede sheepskin boots from Tsonga. For a touch of colour I added a blue bead necklace.

Day 2: I think I wore my blue anglaise tiered skirt on Wednesday with the black tops again (I have very few winter clothes that are remotely feminine) and I added the purple velvet pumps for cuteness.

Day 3: I have a brown skirt that is exactly the same as Tuesdays black one… so I wore that on Thursday, with a light blue top my mom made with cute lace on to add length. I wore a black V neck top over for warmth and to cover my arms. Shoes were black pumps from Jet and Tuesday’s necklace.

Day 4: Black wrap dress with 3/4 sleeve, over a lime green vest top. A brown and orange necklace with the pumps from Thursday.

Thats the catch up… Hope you like 🙂


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