Day 5 of the Challenge

23 May

Ok, so I finally managed to find my camera and beg my developer/designer husband to take a picture of me… I wanted a normal straight on pic, but he insisted on the “apple picking” pose 😉 (love you honey) SO here is what I wore today…


The beige spotty top is actually way low (didn’t realise when I bought it), so I wore a black vest top underneath – which also added some protection against the chill today.


The shoes I wore are from Jet – I think they were R79.99, and I wear them alot, they’re comfy and very cute. I’m gonna get me a few more pairs (I LOVE ballet pumps).

One Response to “Day 5 of the Challenge”

  1. `Irene May 24, 2009 at 10:47 #

    cool pic! looks prettty cool! yeah those pumps are awesome .. bought them for res initiation — pity I don’t wear them so often anymore..

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