Frustration vs Inspiration

26 May

I have finally discovered what the root cause of my frustration and depression is (when they occur)…. It is the lack of inspiration and boredom. The only times I am ever really frustrated with myself or depressed about life, is when I have no inspiration to do something, and when I am bored.

This may seem obvious to you, but I have spent years trying to figure out why I often feel like life is pointless… For me, life is pointless when I have nothing to do, I thrive on being busy. Whether its doing arty things, or cleaning, or cooking/baking or taking pictures, I need to do these things for my sanity. I cannot sit all day and watch TV or movies, as this is a colossal waste of precious time, I have to be up and busy.

I am very happy now that I have realised this, and I now have some more blog ideas 🙂


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