Why we love Cape Town…

5 Jun

* Chocolate croissants and coffee on a rainy day from Rosa’s Bakery in Shortmarket street.
* The vibe when you walk through the street, the different cultures.
* The flower sellers on Adderley street.
* The smell of the ocean in the middle of a bustling city.
* We have the best weather, summer and winter. (Chris’s input)
* The multitude of stunning beaches. (also my man’s idea)
* The variety of new and old buildings.
* Funky outfits that the artists/art students wear.
* The many languages you hear when you walk down the street.

Many more reasons… which may be added at some stage… in case any other Capetonians can think of some… let me know.

name 2

P.S. My cousin in Berlin added a post about Berlin on his blog.


One Response to “Why we love Cape Town…”

  1. { jamie's cottage } June 7, 2009 at 00:13 #

    Never been there, but sounds great! I will actually be in South Africa later this summer, but only for a layover on a trip to Botswana!

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