Home is where the heart is…

17 Jun

How true isn’t this for us as women?
For me, I find that my home is my sanctuary, my safe place, the place I can express myself through the way I decorate, the way I clean, how I serve others by having them over for dinner and the way I serve my husband by making a home for him to relax in. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that our homes, just like our families, are a target for Satan to try to tear down. He shoots straight for our hearts, using other people who criticise our homes or families, or using our own dissatisfaction with our circumstance to break down this vital part of God’s plan. As women, we are called to be homemakers (Proverbs 31; Titus 2:4-5), even those of us who work full time outside the home are to be homemakers and serve our husbands and children in this way.

In the last few months I have realised just how true it is that women need to have a home to look after and make pretty, how we take for granted when we have this. When we suddenly don’t have a home of our own to decorate or to make into a sanctuary, frustration and dissatisfaction sets in, we aim it at whoever crosses our paths, husband, children etc. We feel empty, and worthless because one of our essential roles as women of God, cannot be fulfilled for some reason. The resentment builds, and we become ugly, meanspirited… And who is at the root of it all? Satan. He’s loving the orgy he can now have with the mixture in our hearts, because we are not or can not fulfill our God ordained roles.

The question is, how do we prevent this from happening when we find ourselves in this situation, where we don’t have a home to make, or we have to share a home with someone else and cannot make it our own?

I do not have the answer, because I am there right now… And I confess to you, my friends, I have unfortunately given Satan a foothold by allowing in the slightest bit of dissatisfaction, and now I am struggling with so much frustration and pent up resentment that I am a vile example of God’s creation, and my husband is cursed rather than blessed by me at the moment. All this might seem harsh, but its the truth, and I have just realised how easy it is for up to fall into Satan’s trap. Getting out of it is not easy, and requires time spent in the Word of the Lord, as He is the One who gave me the role of wife and home maker, so He can mend the pain and frustration and hopefully turn it into a learning curve as well as a joyous blessing for others. I pray that soon I will again be able to express happiness and hospitality to others in a home of my own, but until then I pray the Lord will cut out the roots of resentment, frustration and dissatisfaction, and instead plant patience, love and joy, so that I may grow in maturity through this trying experience.

If anyone has any other ideas for how to deal with this situation, please share with me by commenting.

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