My Favourite Things

27 Jun
My Favourite Things 1

* Twilight (Rob Pattison) – I just love the books and the movie… I have a thing for vampires.
* Blue Topaz – topaz is my birthstone, and I just love the blue kind.
* Jane Austen – I have yet to read all the books, but I am starting to buy them, slowly.
* Lip Gloss – I have an insane amount of lip products!! I love Lancome’s Juicy Tubes… but its way over my budget!!
* Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Chocolates – my very weak weakness. What can I say?
* Pink’s Funhouse – I like the vibe of her new songs. I love “Please don’t leave me”.
* Miss Dior Cherie – all time favourite girly girl perfume… could eat it 🙂
* Cowboy boots – don’t have any, but think they rock!
* Red nail varnish – Classy, elegant and very vintage.
* Daisies – my favourite flowers, simple yet stunning.
* Hoodies – love hooded tops especially in winter for just loafing around.


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