iPod Music vs Talks

10 Jul

So I haven’t been around for ages… Not really anyway, just with quotes and fashion days. Now I am trying to get back into the blog thing.

Something that made me think today, was this post by my friend Clint. He mentions how one should rather talk to ones neighbours etc about the gospel, than just be so preoccupied with ones iPod. I would like to add to that in a way, by saying, why not listen to Christian talks or sermons on one’s iPod instead of secular music?

Let me just explain that I love music, all kinds. Secular and Christian. So I am not suggesting that secular music is bad, but rather that when we have the time, we should spend it learning more about the Lord.

In my case, I listen to my mp3 player (iPod is a touch pricy) when I’m at gym and on the bus. Both are perfect opportunities to spend time in the word, rather than in Paramore, U2, Taylor Swift etc.

So… My challenge to myself and my readers is… Download talks from great preachers (John Piper’s site has many of his talks free to download), and put them on your iPod to listen to during your free time.


2 Responses to “iPod Music vs Talks”

  1. BethAnn July 10, 2009 at 15:04 #

    I agree, for those with children, one of the best things out there is Focus on the Family. And for girls that are in there younger teen years, I would suggest a great story I heard last night. It’s called Modesty is the Best Policy, by Focus on the Family. It was very good. As much as I loovee music, and can get tiring after a while. A good message, scripture reading, or healthy book can be a great option. iTunes has audiobooks (some for around$4. something) on Charles Dickens, James Fenimore Cooper, Free podcasts by Leslie Lundy (Authentic Beauty/Set-apart Femininity) and…I believe John Piper is there too! 😉

    • Lizanne July 13, 2009 at 11:08 #

      Thanks Beth Ann – I will definitely check out Focus on The Family’s downloads. 🙂

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