New additions

25 Aug

You may have noticed that my sidebar finally has some buttons and linky things… Its taken me 8 months to figure out how to do this. Thanks to my strangely-found friend I now know how. Now I just need to learn to restrain myself and not add every single button I find.

So far you will see my favourite button of all time, Like a Warm Cup of Coffee‘s Java Hugger 🙂 I loved that expression from the day Sarah first got called that on Twitter. Now I’ve been able to add it. Though I must share, that for lack of good coffee at my office I tend to drink more tea. But coffee is my first love, about which I really need to talk sometime.

I’m going to add buttons and links to my favourite blogs, so that you can also experience the blessings. Those will be added in time though. If anyone has any blog buttons, and if your blog shares the modesty vision, please feel free to send me links.

You’ll also see my Daisypath ticker… I thought its cute, and an easier way to remember my anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married for almost 2 years! I’m gonna make a weight loss ticker too… So watch this space!


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