Goals and Reasons why…

31 Aug

I have started with my Low GI eating plan again today… and decided that since this blog is live… its a good way to keep me accountable. I will not turn it into a diet blog nor a watch-how-much-weight-I’ve-lost blog. Those are great, but not my style. I just want to document my goals, so that I have them and so that other people know about it, which should force me to stick to them… in theory.


* I want to feel more comfortable in my skin.
* I want to be able to find clothes easier… and not have to freak out at the label.
* I need to be healthier.
* My body is a temple of the Lord, and as such I need to treat it healthier.
* With PCOS, its important that I lose weight so that I don’t ruin any chances of ever having kids.
* I had my BIG diabetes scare a few years ago, and really don’t want to go there again.

* Be able to do 20 minutes on the treadmill followed by 20 minutes on the cycle without killing myself.
* Lose AT LEAST 5kgs by our 2nd anniversary this November.
* Fit into my “Goodbye Kitty” top which Chris bought me for Christmas.
* Cut out ALL sugar and refined. processed foods.
* Attain a flatter stomach.


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