If I knew then what I know now

1 Sep


Having gotten this idea from a friend of mine last year and did it on my old blog. Thought it might be cool to revise:

  1. You always fall in love with the person you least expect.(that I still agree with…)
  2. Sugar really is bad for you. (have learnt that anew this past year)
  3. Money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t make you happy, because you’ll never have enough. (it does however make me feel a bit better when I can buy something nice 😉 )
  4. Its better to be happy in your job than to make tons of money. (not that I make tons of money, but I think it would be great to find a job where I am totally happy)
  5. Some friends will always be there even when they get treated like rubbish, but others won’t, so rather don’t write your friends off for a guy/girl. (very true… I have seen so many relationships fall apart and that when you need your friends)
  6. Everyone needs an outlet, we absorb so much stress, tension, pain, anger etc, that if we don’t have an outlet, it’ll eat us alive. A hobby of some sort is great, like writing, art or music.
  7. Its better to watch funny, unrealistic movies than serious, realistic ones, because life is far too serious and realistic, so we some form of escapism.
  8. You need one very good friend who can be there to listen to you when you need them.
  9. You need to be a very good friend who’ll listen when needed.
  10. Being married doesn’t solve problems, but it makes the problems easier to solve and easier to live with. (it also creates a whole realm of new problems, but as a team its possible to solve)
  11. You’re never too old to learn…
  12. Its amazing how the Lord uses people in your life to teach you things.
  13. The Gipsy by *ValentinaKallias on deviantART


One Response to “If I knew then what I know now”

  1. alwaysroom4jello September 1, 2009 at 17:38 #

    pretty much everything I’ve learned over the past year, is germ-related. Didn’t think of that until just now. Wow… lol

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