Book review: Love to Eat, Hate to Eat

7 Sep

love to eat

“Do you feel as though you’ve lost the battle with food?” This is the caption that caught my attention and made me buy this book.

I never thought of myself as having a destructive relationship with food, but I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t lose weight no matter how “hard” I tried. This book answered that question for me, by explaining that food can be a sin. I mean seriously, who would have thought that food, which God gave us to nourish ourselves with, can be a sin?

I guess it’s just as anything can be a sin, if it takes over our thought patterns and makes us miserable if we don’t get it. It’s an addiction which binds us. I find myself turning to food as comfort, just a chocolate or a cupcake… thinking it will make me feel better. But it doesn’t. Instead of turning to the Comforter to heal our pain, we turn to food. Instead of seeking refuge in the Father we turn to chocolate. None of this helps. Even worse, it takes our focus off of Him, and makes us fill our time with food, and recipes and thinking about the next snack or meal. We eat extra portions of food even though our bodies don’t need it, just because it tastes good. Often we end up bingeing and then purging because we have no true self control. In the process we slowly destroy our bodies, but picking up weight or losing so much weight that our organs cannot handle it. This book made me remember that our bodies are temples and not our own; we are to look after them so that they will be fit for service when the Lord calls us to do his will.

Elyse Fitzpatrickputs it like this:

“Because your body is God’s temple, you should treat it with care and concern. This means many things – not just that you should eat properly. It means that you should be careful to get enough rest and exercise. You should learn how to handle stressful situations in a way that doesn’t cause harm to your body. For as long as God gives you health, and in whatever way He does so, you should thankfully seek to be a good steward or manager of what He has given.”

She also says that the 6th commandment is you shall not murder. But killing yourself is also murder, and by having eating habits which ruin your health, you are killing your body.

“In the same way, I believe that if we consistently overeat, eat foods that do not nourish us or promote good health, cause ourselves to vomit or take excessive amounts of laxatives, over-exercise, or starve ourselves, we are breaking this command. We are to protect, nourish and care for our bodies.”

I have not totally finished this book, but the more I read the more I am convicted that my way of eating, is truly sinful. Its not about losing weight, it is about being healthy and conforming to the way that God wants us to live. Anything that detracts from Him in our lives, is a sin. That sounds harsh, but it’s true. We serve a jealous God, He demands centre stage, and it’s due Him, because He saved us from the destruction of eternal damnation. He loved us enough to send His Son to die for us. Should we not love Him enough to put Him first, and look after that which He gave us?

I challenge you to think about why you eat what you eat, and think whether it is for nourishment or because it yummy. Please note that neither Elyse Fitzpatrick nor I are saying that eating cupcakes and yummy chocolates is a sin, it’s the motive behind it. If you eat it to feel better, instead of turning to God, it is a sin. If it’s an obsession, then it’s a sin. But the occasional cupcake is not sinful. Just remember that God is more important than food.


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