Judgement Conviction

15 Sep


A few months ago, Sarah Mae posted on judgement… followed shortly by Miss Jocelyn… At the time I read these and thought to myself – I’m not judgemental, no sirree… I’m very prejudiced actually.

Its something I only really noticed last week, when I was convicted by the Lord about how I was treating a colleague of mine. I thought she was weird, and talked nonsense, so I’d avoid her at all costs. But the Lord being who He is, but her on the same bus as me, on the opposite seat. What could I do? She greeted me, and started talking… There was no where to go, and I figured I might as well talk to her. Turns out, she’s a hardcore Christian, sold out for God, a intercessor at her church, and the best of all… We were in the same denomination at a stage, and she knows some of my friends from church. We started chatting, and got along really well. We’ve decided to meet now and then at lunch to pray for our colleagues who aren’t saved. How awesome…

But the problem is I judged her before knowing her. How many times a day do I do that? Judge people by what they wear, how they act, how they talk. Its a lesson I have to learn daily, to accept people, and get to know them before making preconceived ideas of how they are. By God’s grace, I will one day be able to see everyone through His eyes, as saved sinners or sinners in need of that grace which I have received. I pray that you will all have this conviction, and that in this country, where we’re seen the ugliest prejudices, there will be a turn around in the way we view each other. Regardless of skin colour or language. That we will have a heart for the lost, of all races. That the judgement will be left for the Father, as it is not our place.

Judgement is something best left to Him who knows us all.


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