Thoughts going through my mind today

3 Oct

As you’ve no doubt seen, my husband resigned from his job on Wednesday. He’s going to freelance and hopefully make bucket loads of money 🙂

This of course has made me think… Its made me think about courage to change your own circumstances.

I don’t have that courage.

I don’t have the guts to give up a safe salary to pursue my dreams.

It seems that I’d rather be doing something that bores me to death, than taking a leap and starting my own business doing what I love.

This in turn made me wonder where my faith is… Is my dependance and my faith in money, and material comforts, or is it on the Provider. Clearly, its not on Him.

Why is it so hard to free myself from a dead end job?

Why can’t I just put my hand in His, and let Him help and sustain me, as I spread my wings?


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