What Women Want

6 Oct


I’m reading a book called Does Christianity Squash Women? by Rebecca Jones. I wanted to share the following passage with you:

“Deep in nearly every woman’s soul is a desire for the following:

– Good, intimate relationships with the men and women in our lives. Tender fathers, caring brothers, a loving husband, trustworthy women friends and mentors. Solid relationships based on honesty, commitment, and affection.

– Children.

– A place to call home – not only walls and rooms but a safe ‘sit by the fire’ place where we can be ourselves without fear and where others can receive something from us.

– Significance. Doing something that really counts in the world, something only we can offer.

Because these desires seem mutually exclusive, women tend to give up hope in one realm to find satisfaction in another.”


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  1. Christopher October 6, 2009 at 11:21 #

    – chocolate

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