How to fall in love again

11 Oct

I am still busy working this one out for myself… I love my husband, my leader with all my heart. But somewhere in the mundane bits of life, we tend to sometimes fall out of love. This seems to be normal amongst married people, but I don’t want to settle for normalcy. I want to be in love, to fall sweetly, daily, into the arms of my sweetheart.


A Holy Experience is a blog I found recently, and the author, Ann Voskamp is someone who has inspired me to be more, more godly, more happy, more grateful, more in love. She writes on (in)courage, and this post is one which really touched my heart. Probably because it is an issue I am all too familiar with… In fact I am sure, if I was honest, I would be able to write a pretty decent post about it… But for now all I’ll say is, read that post, and take to heart what Ann says.

(photo and picture courtesy of A Holy Experience)


One Response to “How to fall in love again”

  1. Ken Kendall October 11, 2009 at 08:15 #

    i love your spirit and desire to be a great wife and have a good marriage. It is so wonderful to see men and women that want to be godly in their daily walk and in their relationships.

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