My Husband Rocks

11 Oct


Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m tragic and continuity and punctuality… But I try to keep this up… I really do. So here goes…

You all probably know my man resigned his job so that he could focus on getting his own company off the ground. You also all know that I am working in a field that is not really my scene, and I would love to not have to commute so far. So… My darling love has devised a plan which in time will make us both much happier 🙂 Once his business is stable, I will start doing his admin, and being his receptionist. The added news is, my dad runs his own business, so not only will I be doing the husband’s admin, but also my dad’s. Why is this really super duper awesome? Because I can do it from home… Which would make me… A Work at Home Wife. Which is the next best thing to a Stay at Home Wife, which is only slightly trumped by a Stay at Home Mom 🙂 don’t you think I have the greatest husband alive!


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