8 small things that will rock your wife’s world

1 Dec

I wanted to share my top heart-melting-fall-in-love-all-over-again thoughts with you. (disclaimer: these have nothing whatsoever to do with any of the Twilight Saga – it is based on a sermon our friend Chris preached on Sunday night)

– Love notes, letters and poems… In your own handwriting. There is nothing that shows love to me more, than words on paper. I love words… And when used in letters or poems, they show love so clearly.

– Not being ashamed to proclaim love online, or in public. Not being afraid to post on your blog about how much you love your wife or girlfriend (I love this guy’s idea) Or just telling her you love her in public, in front of your friends, and meaning it.

– Thoughtful gifts. Not expensive necessarily, but gifts that mean something to her. Small gestures of love like a picked flower, or a handmade card mean more than a big bling diamond ring.

– Texting or IMing without provocation, just because you love her. Because you thought of her, and you love her that much.

– Constantly telling her you love her, and that she means everything to you. Not in a creepy obsessive way, but in a deep sincere way.

– Taking the spiritual lead in the relationship, by initiating prayer and bible reading. We want you to lead us, we want you to pray. There is very little that is manlier than a man praying to his Saviour with his wife. Its more intimate than sex.

– Spending time everyday just focussing on us, and us on you. With no interference. No phones, computers, TV’s, etc. Just one to one chat and getting to know each other time.

– Let us give our opinions, without interruption, or being batted down if its not the same as yours. We may be the weaker sex, but we are intelligent and are made to be your helpers. How can a helper help and
support if she cannot feel free and unafraid to voice her opinions.

Ladies, comment and let me know if there are more…


2 Responses to “8 small things that will rock your wife’s world”

  1. Stacey December 1, 2009 at 16:16 #

    I fully agree… too many guys think that once they have you they don’t need to treat you like a princess or tell you how much you mean to them. I like the way he encourages to use the technology we use today as a means of strengthing the relationship (ie. IMing)

  2. Lizanne December 1, 2009 at 17:26 #

    Thanks Stacey, though I must be honest, it was more inspired by his sermon than based on. The IM idea etc is mine…

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