Day 1 of Sugar Detox

6 Aug


So I started the sugar free lifestyle today… again, but I am determined this time… so far. Since I decided to do so after breakfast, I guess my banana breakfast muffins don’t count… But for the most part I have done well so far. I drank me tea without sugar, which was not the nicest thing ever, but I managed. I drank ALOT more water than usual. Please note, in cutting out sugar, I will still eat fruit and drink pure fruit juice, and sugar free drinks. I am also going to try to eliminate refined carbs as far as possible, but in an effort to also remain frugal, I am not going to be throwing out food that is still edible.

For lunch I went to La Romantica with my mom, and we were very good girls and ate a DIVINE smoked chicken and avo salad, which was served with tiny pieces of baguette. It was soooo yummy, there was rocket, bacon, smoked chicken, rosa tomatoes, feta and pecorino in it…. Man I could live on salads like that. Its also super filling and healthy… I haven’t snacked since then. Ok I lie, I was helping my mom pack for their weekend away, and had a piece of banana bread, but my mom makes her food very healthy, so I’m turning a blind eye…

I ended up buying a box of Xylitol sachets, just to kill the bitterness of tea and coffee, which is nice, its not as sweet as sugar, but helps alot. I intend to keep it for the “special” occasions though,and see if I can manage without sweeteners. On a side note – the reason I bought xylitol and not something like Canderel or Equisweet is because artificial sweeteners are gross and have potential cancer causing ingredients.

For supper, I am giving my sugar-monster and a friend, hot dogs on normal white rolls, which is a decent Friday night meal, in my house. I will be having a whole wheat roll (which will probably still give me heartburn and have sugars in – but its better than white) – with cheese and tomato, as I am also trying to avoid processed meats – for baby’s sake.

All in all I think I have done ALOT better today than usual.Now let’s just pray I can maintain this healthy lifestyle, and have a happy pregnancy further. (I have found some great sites with sugar free yumminess on, will share them soon… as soon as I have tried making the yumminess – I will also try some of the low GI recipes my mom has).


2 Responses to “Day 1 of Sugar Detox”

  1. Roger August 7, 2010 at 10:19 #

    I also cut out sugar from my tea and coffee at the beginning of the year, quite a change for me if you can remember my sugar intake! While a bit bitter and sharp at first, I don’t notice it anymore – can actually enjoy the flavour of what I’m drinking itself! Can’t drink it any other way now!

    • Lizanne August 7, 2010 at 13:09 #

      Goodness! Yeah I do remember – well done – tea tastes funny without sugar… but yeah, here’s hoping its worth it!

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