Day 2 of Sugar Detox

8 Aug

Yesterday was a bad day for me, pregnancy-infused mood and lack of sugary goodness drove me mad. I had a homemade dagwood for breakfast – mostly because it was left over. It was good, but more like a rock than filling. We went to the bank the morning and did some looking around for maternity clothes, which further caused my frustrations to increase when I a) couldn’t find anything that was in my budget and b) the things i loved wouldn’t fit in a month or so, so it was pointless. I tried to cheer myself by having a Marcel’s Frozen Yogurt, but that only helped for a short time.

Lunch was a roll with avo, tomato and a leftover burger patty… was yummy… but still not totally sugar free. Its all in the working out the white bread which is in the house. I then watched movies to relax, which helped… but the heartburn caught up, so I had some yogurt to see if that would help. It did, temporarily.

We went to Canal Walk to meet Chris’s parents for coffee, and I had a maple spice latte, which was good, but not as good as I expected. Chris had peppermint tart, and I was dying for chocolate cake, but he luckily held me back 😦 Tried looking for maternity wear there, and was again disappointed… Stupid stores that try to make money…

For supper I was basically back on track, and made yummy low GI pancakes filled with chicken and mushroom and cheese. I did have one with a teaspoon of cinnamon sugar and lemon juice… Made me feel slightly better. However I snuck some chocolate, as the pregnancy mags I was sorting yesterday said that eating chocolate 5 times a week, lowers the risk of pre-eclampsia… and who wouldn’t want to do that…


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