New Monthly Menu Plan Idea

14 Aug


Let me start by saying I love Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking – hers was basically the first blog I read and still am reading, it is filled with briliant, godly, frugal, natural information, ideas and advice. I love that she is close to the same age as me, and also has the same basic values as I do, and the same goals for our families.

She posts a seasonal/monthly menu plan every so often and I thought it was a brilliant idea, instead of thumb sucking every week what to make for supper, its a much better structure. I decided to make my own, using her basic idea. Obviously as my husband is not keen on very ethnical or spicy foods, I tweaked it to suit our family. So here it is…

Monday to Friday: high fibre cereal or porridge or toast/muffins with coffee/tea
Saturday: Bacon and egg with toast or flapjacks
Sunday: scones or flapjacks or toast

Sandwiches, fruit and salad
Wraps/pitas with salad
Hot dogs

Mondays: Chicken based meals (pies, pasta, or salad)
Tuesdays: Bible study (depends on who’s cooking)
Wednesday: Hospitality night – if we are having people over, in winter – soup and in summer salad or pasta. If no people, then the same really.
Thursday: Meat night (mince/steak etc) – spaghetti bolognaise/lasagne
Friday: Special Dinner night – homemade pizza, burgers or on occasion Nando’s or “healthier” take out (also potentially date night when baby is here)
Saturday: Pancakes or pizza – basically this is the “lazy” day – hope to have relaxing breakfasts sitting down on this day…
Sunday: Roast chicken or braai with roast veg and PUDDING (hoping to try limit dessert to one day a week)


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