12 New Things

26 Aug

Sarah Mae at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee (another of my favourite blogs) has posted this challenge, and I quite like the idea… So here are my 12 Things!

August – how to cook for up to 12 people ( I did this a giant pot of soup, and plan to attempt again next week with Thai Green curry) and how to make handsoap (I managed this also, trial and error, but seem to have success – will try post a picture soon)

September – learn how to sew properly and make maternity clothes and baby room decor

October – educate myself about babies by going to ante-natal classes and reading Baby Sense, and the other stack of baby books I have

November – Master freezer meals before baby comes

December – how to deal with a newborn baby

January – learn to knit, maybe its possible to knit while breastfeeding…??? then I can finally make some of the cool things I want to.

February – time management, and learn applique for baby onesies and stuff.

March – how to change a tire (got that from Sarah Mae – realised I’m not sure how to do that…)

April – Learn how to make jam/preserves

May – Learn how to paint murals and on canvas with oils.

June – Maybe start a young mother’s bible study/play group

July – Learn how to refashion and repurpose for real…I keep saying I will but I never really do.

I hope I will stick to these goals… I am usually very bad at this kind of thing… any motivation will be appreciated.

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