Week 24

26 Aug


Since your baby’s inner ear is now completely developed, she can tell when she is upside down or right side up as she floats or moves in your uterus. She is still red, wrinkly and skinny, but will soon start to put on weight.

It might feel like she’s in constant motion, with regular hiccups and kicks and rolls. She may kick in response to sound and touch, so get dad to talk to baby and see if she responds with a kick!
Fit Pregnancy

This article also said a whole lot about the dangers of weigh gain during pregnancy,if one is already overweight… so I am getting a tad concerned… Its very frustrating, as my doctor does not seem to be even slightly concerned about the weight gain… I guess we’ll slow down on the carbs and chocolate.

Either way,this little boy is getting stronger,as he kicks much harder now, Chris could feel him clearly this morning…Yes,he woke me up by kicking 😉 He’s most active early morning and evening, which is nice as Chris can feel him wriggling then. Very excited to meet him in 16 weeks 🙂


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