My First Attempt at Maternity Sewing

15 Sep

Since becoming pregnant, I have noticed a serious lack of affordable, pretty, and modest maternity wear. Its so frustrating, knowing I’ll wear something for 4 or 5 months only, and that stores expect me to pay over R300 per top. So I decided to buy some patterns and get sewing. Easier said than done… we couldn’t find a single maternity pattern. In the end my mom and I settled for some tunic style tops, and planned to just widen them or something, to fit my tummy.

Last Saturday I made this top… it did take me about 7 hours from start to finish, but it looks nice and is fairly comfy actually. I will just never try that material again, it was super slippery and I thought I was going to scream. Hopefully when the curtains and wrap that I have to make are done, I shall attempt another top, but from cotton rather.

Please excuse the bad quality photo…


2 Responses to “My First Attempt at Maternity Sewing”

  1. Colleen September 15, 2010 at 16:22 #

    Clever girl. That looks lovely and comfy. I like the pattern. And theres room to grow a bit more too. Hugs xx

    • Lizanne September 15, 2010 at 22:07 #

      Thanks Colleen… its pretty and has MUCH room to grow!

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