Doctor’s Appointment

16 Sep


So I went for our monthly scan/appointment today, at 27 weeks. Doctor says all is well, our boy is perfectly healthy and growing like a champ. He weighs about 996g, which doc says is pretty normal, so no need to worry. He was not concerned with my weight either, though I think maybe Mama is getting a tad heavy for comfort (trying not to think about it). According to the scan the due date is still 16 December (it fluctuated recently between 16 and 22 Dec). So all is well in my bubble. I asked the doctor to give me a picture to take home of the boy… but sadly he’s too big to fit all on one picture, and he was playing peekaboo, with his hands in front of his face, so I hope to try again next time…

I booked my hospital stay also, its weird, like booking your trip somewhere… Its awesome they gave me a booklet with FAQs, which answer pretty much all my “i’m-too-shy-to-ask-that” questions. In there they say exactly what they expect you to bring to hospital and what they provide for mama and baby. Its pretty schweet, they give a whole bag of goodies, like nappies and toiletries for baby to use in hospital, he even gets a beanie and his picture and details on the website. Its also cool that I will have the option to keep Elijah with me, or have him stay in the nursery… I think I’d like him with me, for convenience and safety, also for bonding.Its really nice that they explain everything that will happen in hospital after the birth, like the weighing and who can go where when. Its nice, since I am one of those paranoid people. The best part is, that they register him for us, so we don’t need to risk disease by standing in a huge long queue at Home Affairs!

I’m actually quite excited now 🙂 I like free stuff! And I love babies… and I think I can rest a tad easier now that the hospital knows I’m coming in December. Now just to get the baby room finished, like the cot, bedding, curtains and final tidying, and decorating, then I can sleep in peace… figuratively… sleep is pretty bad lately. But in the end its worth it all, the sleeplessness, the pain… I’m sure this boy will bring mama and daddy tons of happiness… hehe… as long as he looks like his daddy!


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