Pregnancy Update: 27 weeks

16 Sep

I’ve mentioned before that Elijah is a wriggler… just to confirm, he totally is… especially around 10pm till 12pm… ie, my sleeping time. I get these random nudges, like “Wake up Momma, I’m here, and I want you to NOT sleep”. Its lovely though. I can see my tummy move now when he kicks, it looks really funny! I can’t believe in 10 weeks he’s full term… which means he’s almost here. (today is actually exactly 3 months till he’s due)
So much still to do…

How is your baby growing?

Just 10 weeks to go until your baby reaches full term! From now until about week 30, he goes through a very active phase. His muscles are increasingly developed and his nervous system is mature enough to control some of his bodily functions. So you can look forward to your baby kicking and moving around a lot.
The rest of the time he will be sleeping. He’s settling into a sleep cycle that’s similar to what he’ll follow as a newborn: asleep during the day and awake at night! His brain is growing rapidly, too, and the grooves on the surface are developing. Some experts believe your baby begins to dream around now while he’s in REM sleep.
He’s practicing his sucking reflex a lot now. This is important as it will help him feed effectively once he’s born. Meanwhile his muscles, organs and limbs are all formed, and throughout this final trimester he’ll be busily building up fat stores and muscle mass.

What’s happening to you?

Your blood volume increases again this week. This is one of the biggest physiological changes you experience during pregnancy, and by the time you reach full term it will have increased by up to 50 percent. The increase is needed for extra blood flow to the uterus, to meet the metabolic needs of your baby and to help your vital organs, which are working harder than ever (in particular your kidneys, which will grow in length by an average of 1 to 1.5 centimeters).

By now, your baby has all his bones (there are 300 of them!). Throughout the remainder of your pregnancy they will be getting stronger and harder, and they will continue to ossify throughout the first year of life after birth.
Pregnancy Today.

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