Maternity Skirt from scratch

18 Sep

Since I am home and I have a teeny smidgen of creativity, I decided to try my luck sewing a maternity skirt from scratch… Please forgive the bad photo, and the jumbled “directions”, but this is pretty much what I did.

Enough cotton fabric to fit around your hips
Stretchy lycra/jersey knit fabric (I used about a metre by 30cm)
A maternity skirt that fits to use as outline

Just lay the material out for the skirt,and measure the size using the maternity skirt. Make sure you allow for seams and hem. Cut it out and pin together. Then cut the stretchy fabric in 2, so about 50cm each, and pin together. Then sew the stretchy fabric together to make a band. Sew the skirt’s sides together. Then, this is the part where I confused myself… turn the stretchy part inside out, and the skirt the right way round. Pull the stretchy bit over the skirt, as though its folded. Pin bottom of band to top of skirt. Sew together. Turn the right way around, making sure you now have both bits the right way around. Then pin the skirt hem, and the top of the band (separately). Sew hem and top of band. And VOILA! you should have something resembling a skirt.

2 Responses to “Maternity Skirt from scratch”

  1. Cassie@pregnancy September 22, 2010 at 13:48 #

    Thanks for sharing, I was looking around and really like the site so far.


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    […] Go here to see the original: Maternity Skirt from scratch « Clay Jar People […]

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