10 Amazing things about being Pregnant

22 Sep


1. People tend to be nicer, kinder and way more helpful than normal.
2. The feeling of tiny feet inside your tummy.
3. No one looks at you funny if you eat more than one cookie in a room full of girls on diets.
4. Its a great time to rest and catch up on reading and blogging.
5. Your husband is even sweeter and more tender, and considerate than usual.
6. People understand if you randomly flip out/start crying.
7. Everyone gives you presents (I love presents – getting and giving)
8. Knowing that growing inside you is a miraculous life knitted together by the Creator, and a tiny soul that needs your teaching and guidance to grow.
9. Feeling blooming and beautiful: my skin is great, my hair is growing super fast, and I just feel pretty.
10. Ice cream… need I say more.


One Response to “10 Amazing things about being Pregnant”

  1. Cassie@PCOS September 23, 2010 at 04:38 #

    Thanks for sharing- really like the site so far

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