Pregnancy Update: Week 28

23 Sep

This means just about 12 weeks to go. Very excited to meet this little person who’s been part of me for the past 6 months. Even though there’s still a ton of stuff to do, I am trying to take it easy, as the sciatica has kicked in (again,and this time no anti-inflammatories for me). I am busy painting some decor things for the room, and I made the baby wrap over the weekend (have yet to see if it will actually work). The things still left to do pretty soon before Elijah appears are:

1. Paint his room – daddy will do that as soon as he has paint and supplies.
2. Sand down and revarnish the cot – daddy is going to do this too.
3. Get a mattress and make his bedding and bumper – my mom and I will get to this soon I hope.
4. Wash all his clothes and sort them properly according to size, and pack in the boxes that I have yet to paint.
5. Make the compactum shelf thing that goes on the cot – oupa is going to do this, I think…
6. Finish painting the decor items and the shelf/stand that will be for his toiletries
7. Make some premix things, and freezer meals for when my mom is fed up with cooking for us, and I don’t have energy to do a whole “from scratch” meal.
8. Get pj’s and other items for in hospital and pack hospital bags.
9. Do antenatal classes – starting 13 October
10. A few other things that slip my mind as yet.

How is your baby growing?
It’s a big week in the life of your little baby. Her eyes, which have been fused shut until about now, open and she begins to blink. The irises don’t have any pigment yet; they’re a slate grey. But her pupils will react to different levels of light by contracting and dilating. And she may respond to a bright light from outside by giving a little kick. Your baby already looks a lot like she will appear at birth. She’s still quite wrinkly though, because of being surrounded by the amniotic fluid.

Her respiratory system is still very immature (were she to be born now she would still need very intensive care and lots of intervention and help with breathing), but it has developed to the point where gas exchange is possible.

What’s happening to you?
Continue to expect lots of movement from your baby this week, and don’t be surprised to feel aches and pains as your bump continually increases to accommodate your growing child.
As your baby gradually settles into the head down position for birth, her head may come to rest on the sciatic nerve in the lower part of your spine. This can cause a sharp, shooting pain or tingling and numbness in your buttocks and backs of your legs. It’s nothing to worry about but may be uncomfortable.

If you are RH negative, you can expect to have your injection of anti-D immunoglobulin at your prenatal checkup this week. It’s given in your arm and prevents your body from producing antibodies against your baby if she happens to be RH positive.

Wow! Did you know…
Your baby’s fingernails are starting to form and her eyebrows and eyelashes are now complete!

Pregnancy Today


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