Baby Room So Far

5 Oct

Ok, so we painted the baby room this past weekend… I would show you the pictures, but I deleted them, check them on Facebook or on my Zoopy (some free ad space – Zoopy is awesome! You can upload and watch media from anywhere – and its just the bomb – so get your own Zoopy page now 😉 )

The colour is close to this one from Dulux – called Summer Medley 6 its the one on the left wall:

I think its pretty – it really lightens up the room and makes it look much cooler – which in this “greenhouse” is a good thing! The curtains are ready too – my mom made them, they are a tad darker than the paint colour.

Then I have to still make the bedding and the mobile… This is my inspiration for the mobile:

Luckily my MIL is making a quilt, which will make the cot look sheep-like. So really all that is urgent is the sheets, the cot’s sanding and varnishing and then the snuggler that I want to make still. Though I don’t think Elijah will need too many blankets in the beginning – his room is plenty warm.

Oh, and its my baby shower on Saturday, so hopefully the little boy will get plenty more things, and then we’ll know exactly what we still need to acquire.

My mission today is to clean out the painting stuff from the room and move all the baby stuff back. Hopefully that will clear up the rest of the mess in my house… So here goes… Will post final pics soon!


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