Pregnancy Questionaire

13 Oct


I thought I would do a little questionnaire which I found here:

How far along? 31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss? not quiet sure, but sadly its more than 10kgs… so I will have a huge challenge losing it all… but thankfully its mostly in my tummy area.

Maternity clothes? 2 pairs of jeans my mom made, some tops we made, and a skirt and 2 dresses that I bought – thankfully all the dresses and the skirt can be worn after too.

Stretch marks? none from the pregnancy 😉

Sleep? What’s that again??? I can’t get comfy, and wake up for the slightest things…

Best moment last week? My baby shower

Movement? He moves a lot! Hopefully when we go to the gynae tomorrow he will show off for his Ouma.

Food cravings? Cheese, ice cream and burgers

Gender? boy

Labor signs? none as of yet

Belly button in/out? thankfully its very in, and I don’t see it popping out -its deep!

What I miss: being able to sleep comfortably and not always being tired. Being able to lift things and bend down

What I am looking forward to: meeting our little boy, eating sushi and drinking champagne, losing weight…


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