My Husband Rocks

15 Oct

I also seem to look for things to say about my husband, not because he’s not awesome but probably because he’s so awesome that I sometimes take the things he does for granted. For example, he painted the baby room and hung the curtains for me, and he’s going to sand and varnish the cot this weekend. I’m sure there are a million things he’d rather do, but because he knows its important to me, he does it.

He also spontaneously took me for coffee on Wednesday, he just skyped me and said he’d love to see me, so I must meet him at the Mugg and Bean. He bought me a beautiful bracelet from my favourite store (the one I love to look and but feel too guilty to buy from) and gave me a gift voucher for said store. I mean how sweet is that??? Of course it makes me feel guilty as I seldom buy him anything other than chocolates… But its nice to know he loves me and that he wants to see me.

So I think my husband is the rockingest man ever!


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