For Elijah

23 Oct


I have decided to start a new category on this blog, for my kids, Elijah and any that will follow. Obviously everything on it is part of me, and my thoughts and therefore something that they will hopefully cherish one day, but I think its important to record important things for them. If something was to happen to me, I would want them to know how much I love them and also just things about their heritage, which is very colourful at best.

I want to record things like how Chris and I met, and the whole engagement process and our wedding day. Things like where we both grew up and how we were raised, which will bring in the very colourful heritage, being that I was raised by a Dutch mother and Afrikaans father, and Chris’s family is part British, part Rhodesian (Zimbabwe – back in the day). I think its important for all children to know about where their families come from, especially when its such a diverse mix of cultures.

Hopefully, Chris will contribute, as I will need help with “our story” and obviously his childhood. I hope that this will be interesting to the readers also, even though its not written for you specifically.

I am busy working on one of these posts at the moment, so please come back if you’re interested!


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