Things to Make/Do before Baby comes

1 Nov

I posted this two months ago… and it needs updating obviously so that it looks like I have done something.

I have 50 lists of things that need doing and making before baby arrives… I keep procrastinating… Here is what I hope is a consolidated list:

  • Clean and assemble the cot (need to check if it needs any TLC – its the cot my dad made for me, 24 years ago – he was clearly not a procrastinator)
  • Get a mattress for said cot
  • Make bedding and bumpers for same cot in the general theme we plan
  • Sell our 3 loose armless couches… they take up space, but it seems no-one wants them
  • Sort out and throw out – mostly cupboards and closets that still need sorting although this is a constant job…
  • Make my laptop have some semblance of order… right now a lot of great ideas are just chucked in random folders.although this too is a constant job…
  • Arrange a make up shoot with Jemma and Hendrik – for my portfolio – while I have a bit of time to work on it. (yeah, not happening… not till next year)
  • Arrange a cool maternity shoot – I used to think its corny, but am warming to the idea. (doing this on the 20th of November in Stellenbosch)
  • Write blog posts that can be posted at random when I can’t get to my blog.
  • Take the millions of boxes of stuff to donate to Hospice – I need someone to help me carry otherwise I would have done this already.
  • Do some paintings for the baby room, themed and maybe one with his name on, once we have decided on a name. (I made the dream sign – still thinking of doing his name on something – and I must collage the sheep pics I got for my baby shower)
  • Do at least one painting for our room – I have been threatening to do this for ages… the canvas is primed and lying patiently waiting.
  • Write more in the book I set aside for him, poems and letters to him. I am already a bad mom, neglecting my child... a work in progress…
  • Make a baby wrap… its simple and I am not paying R300 for one...
  • Make laundry bags for in our room and bathroom, so we can start putting laundry directly in there instead of on the floor etc.
  • Make a plan with a kitchen bin… plastic bag hanging over a cupboard door is just wrong…
  • Paint the baby room – yes this is important… he also needs curtains more suited to a baby…
  • Make some maternity tops… I keep stalling on going to the material store… its driving me mad.
  • Make sheep mobile and pillows for his room
  • Actually put my schedule to work, I keep saying I will, but end up never doing so… You may call me Queen of Procrastination (still procrastinating…)
  • Rework our budget – heaven alone knows where the money keeps going… ok I do know, we are having a baby and said baby needs stuff…
  • Get a haircut (doing this in a few minutes)
  • Pack nappy bag and hospital bag
  • Install car seat
  • Double check whether we need anything else for Elijah – clothes etc.
  • Borrow what I can from friends
  • Update this list

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