Absa Bank

2 Nov


In response to tragic (I mean incredibly tragic) service from Absa Bank, Chris and I are spreading the word about their tragicness… theirs and iBurst.

This morning, Chris received an sms regarding a “failed” debit on his Absa account (which we don’t really use much, as we are slowly moving to another bank – due to previous issues with Absa). This sms was for a NAEDO (Non-authenticated early debit order), it had no beneficiary on it, and the amount was one we do not have on our records as an amount that should be debited from any of our accounts. This obviously raised alarm, and Chris phoned Absa’s general inquiries to find out who the beneficiary is. They proceeded to tell him he needs telephone banking in order for them to help him… um, whats the point of a bank having a phone and a general inquiry line…So this is the email he sent:


Today I attempted to find out why a nondescript debit order in excess of R#### was debited from my ABSA savings account. I phoned the number provided in the SMS 0860008600 and when I eventually got to speak to someone they told me I would have to register for telephone banking (a paid service as far as I can tell) before they could explain what appeared to be a fraudulent charge.

Tell me, aside from not prohibiting nondescript debits (seriously worrying); would your call centre decline canceling my credit card if I reported it stolen? What about if I asked for my account number? This is not only a misrepresentation of your General Inquiries line but a clear violation of the services I expect when paying you to maintain my account. I did not ask for any form of transfer or alteration to my account.

I was more than willing to identify myself as the account holder; and I was seriously worried about fraudulent activity being committed against me, but you were unwilling and unhelpful. Please be advised that I will be spending a portion of my day to negative publicity for you due to the inconvenience and misrepresentation of services you offer me, each and every time it happens. Until I get the time to cancel my accounts with you. It is a shame that, after so many years at ABSA, it should end in this manner.

Very disappointed”

We are hoping that they will at least have the decency to get back to us. Moral of the story: do not open an Absa account unless you want your money in the hands of incompetent monkeys.


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