Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks

12 Nov

Its weird, each week I almost forget the updates, because it seems to soon after the last one I did. So time is really flying, and yet it feels like forever till we meet this boy. 5 weeks… 35 days…

My belly has grown enormously now, and it looks ever so funny when Elijah moves, you can see these waves on the outside. But he seems to know when I want to record it, because he stops as soon as the camera comes near. (I did take a photo… on the camera… but it will have to be uploaded when Chris is home…)

I am in nesting mode already (have been for a while), but despite my best efforts and intentions, I am often too tired to do much of what I want. The list of things to do is growing, but I only get to about one thing a day. I hope I will find more time once he’s here, and we’re settled.

Week 35
If you’re planning a hospital birth now’s a good time to pack your overnight bag… If your baby were to be born now she would have a 99 per cent chance of surviving!

Your baby
How your baby’s growing:
Right now your baby weighs about 2,8kg and will continue to gain around 280g per week until she’s born. The hearing and speech patterns of her brain have evolved so much that she’ll be able to imitate your tongue movements within hours of birth!

Your body
How you may be feeling:
You may find yourself leaning backwards lately to compensate for your extra weight up front. This throws your head back so that your line of vision has changed.

Don’t be surprised if you also find yourself dropping or bumping into things – the change in your centre of gravity may make you a bit physically awkward.

For the guys
By now you’ve probably packed your hospital bag but here’s a list of things especially for dad-to-be to remember:

Food & snacks: Pack yourself a few sandwiches and drinks
Change of clothing: You never know how long you’re going to be at the hospital.
Still and/or video camera: Make sure your camera is fully charged with a clean memory card.
Cellphone, phonecard: Have your cellphone fully charged at all times.
Cigars: if you’re the type, for you and friends and family (although you’ll have to go outside to smoke them!)

Your Parenting

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