Pregnancy Update: 36 weeks

18 Nov

With only about 4 weeks to go, I’m feeling HUGE! And yet compared to some of my friends, I’m not huge at all. I’ve picked up 17kg… which is more than necessary, but not as much as I thought I would. I went to my gynae appointment this morning, and Elijah is growing nicely, he’s about 3.18kg now, so he’ll still be around 3.5-3.6kg at birth, which is a good size. He is still lying head down, but is not yet “engaged”, hopefully he will engage in the next week or so. From now I have to go see the gynae every week, not my idea of fun 🙂 Will have to start arranging lifts, as its harder to drive now. Luckily my brother is on holiday from varsity now, so he might just become my chauffeur.

Last night was our last antenatal class, which was kind of sad, because it was fun learning all they taught, and getting to chat to other pregnant moms and dads. The session last night included baby wearing, which I think is awesome! I had no idea however that there were so many different kinds of slings/wraps/pouches. I must say I still prefer the wrap, like the Moby wrap. It was funny though as the lady who taught the class is very nonchalant about things, and had her 21 month old with her, and used her to show us one of the wraps. This little girl got very niggly and then mom decides that its a good idea to breastfeed her in front of the class, while she’s talking… All I can say is, the men were all a tad shocked, ok, we were ALL shocked… its just such a strange thing to see!

The second session was by the other nurse that runs the clinic, and she basically went through postnatal depression and other things that happen after birth. It was very interesting, I must admit. The best part, was that they had a breastpump to give away, and she decided to put all our names in a hat, and one of the dads had to draw a name to see who would get it. Now I have never won anything in my life, so when it was my name, I was totally psyched! So we received an Avent Isis manual breastpump… I am super amped, because its something we were planning on buying, and now got free. The Lord provides in the strangest ways I tell you!

Week 36

Around this time you can expect your baby to descend into position for birth where his head will ‘engage’. You may find that you can breathe easier and have fewer kicks in your ribs, however there will be more pressure on your bladder and pelvic area which may make things uncomfortable.

Your baby

At this point, your little one can swallow, urinate and make breathing movements. In preparation for breathing, his lungs secrete a surfactant, which will help them to remain expanded after birth and allow oxygen to enter from the air.

Sleep cycles vary from baby to baby, but at this stage, most usually sleep and wake in 30-50 minute cycles.

Your body

You may feel a lightening sensation as your baby starts to descend. Breathing and eating will probably become easier, but you could also find yourself heading to the toilet more often than ever before. Try sitting on an exercise ball to relieve some of the pressure.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, only one in 10 mothers experience their water breaking before labour begins. If yours does, don’t panic – it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll go into labour immediately. Contact your gynae straight away.

Your Parenting


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